Le mariage d'Irène et Julien

le 21 octobre 2006



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Tche Julien from Antony Thursday, 11-01-07 19:57

Since some fucking nerds thaugh this place might be used for posting porno URL, this guestbook will now be under admin control.

Only approuved message will be published.
Thanks to human intelligence.

Tchaïkovski Saturday, 21-10-06 00:42

Just wanna know one thing : Can we hope a set of hardcore techno music for your wedding ?

Cobab Saturday, 21-10-06 00:37

Schade, daß ihre Verheiratunginternet seite kein Deutsch versteht !
Und ich weiß nicht ob das Etzet (ß) richtig lesenbar sein würde…

lolo laurent from Brother\'s Home Saturday, 21-10-06 00:33

Hello, dear cousin .
I hope you'll be happy with your sweet wife !


Tché Julien from Antony Friday, 29-09-06 10:57

Seems that my beautiful guest book had been broken by the last update of the typo3 extension :'-|
Finally, it is back to normal. If not, mail me to say so.

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