Le mariage d'Irène et Julien

le 21 octobre 2006

The groom


Le marié, 4 ans et demi. A Ancizan

Julien Bourdin, born on october the 20th 1980 because he likes numbers that end with zero, at about 7:40 pm because he likes to make his parents waiting for him.

Hair: Black (though not on the photo). Some white hair, probably related to the idea of getting married...

Eyes: black.

Height: 1m66 (No, I'm not gonna convert that either...)

Job: I'm currently working as a computer engineer for a company that mainly develops intranets and extranets. I'm developping in PHP, but I also make specifications with my clients, and I spend the rest of my day work correcting the bugs that have appeared during the preceding tasks.

Hobbies: Surfing on internet with my computer, playing computer games, making websites about my wedding with my computer, shopping with my computer, drinking coffee with my computer... In short, one could say that I'm a geek... I also like playing cards, role playing games, football... I happen to read whenever I have the time between my other activities. Some people have also heard me playing guitar, but it would be covered with dust if its box was not of high quality.

Authors: Zola, Hugo when I'm in the mood for french litterature (which doesn't happen very often), otherwise fantasy and science-fiction, the former with Tolkien, Jordan, Hobb, the latter with Heinlein, Asimov and some others.

Favorite meals: many, especially when Irène cooks.

Musics: I like to listen to a lot of musics with distorted guitars and melodic voices, and some quite vintage heavy metal groups like Iron Maiden which is the band whose concerts I regularly attend to. I sometimes listen to classical music but I'm quite uncultivated about that so I can't give you names, and I happen to be tempted by jazz now and then without being a great fan. By the way, I bloody hate rap music.

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