Le mariage d'Irène et Julien

le 21 octobre 2006

The bride


Irène, à Versailles, sur ses 3 ans et demi

Irène Korsakissok, born on July, the 29th 1983, at ten a.m., in Angers.

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 1,65m (I'm not going to convert that into feet, sorry...)

Job: I'm currently working in a research laboratory in environment. Our main activity consists in modeling air pollution and the dispersion of particles, ozone, or other pollutants in the atmosphere. I'm likely to begin a phd thesis this year in the same laboratory. I might add that my current job implies a lot (too much...) of computer programing (C++ language), but also some knowledge in atmospheric science and chemistry.

Irène, son chat, et son piano. A Antony

Hobbies: Mainly playing the piano, but also reading (mostly fantasy written in English). Writing stories, acting, swimming, going to theater, traveling... And currently organising a wedding!

Authors: Robin Hobb, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Tolkien are my favorite authors in fantasy. I also like Victor Hugo,  Brecht, Amélie Nothomb, Baudelaire...

Favorite meals: tiramisu and lemon cakes. But also couscous, particularly the one my mother cooks!

Favorite drinks: Coffee, cappuccino, a lot of teas.

Musics: I like listening to a lot of music though my current favorite groups are mostly the ones Julien likes too (Nightwish for one). But there are also some I liked before meeting him, as Oasis, Red hot chili peppers and placebo, even sometimes Radiohead. I am also fond of classical music, particularly Chopin, Rachmaninov, Ravel and Beethoven. I like Tchaïkovski too, mostly the Nutcracker and The Queen of Spades.

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